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Adam's SEO Article Briefs Service

From 0 to 189,000 Monthly Organic Website Visitors

Adam sent Water Cooler Trivia's domain soaring into the stratosphere with an effective SEO strategy.

Receive in-depth article briefs with a range of data points every month to drive your content creation efforts.

My research shows that 86% of people surveyed said they write an outline first before creating optimized blog content, while 14% said they do not.

78% of people I surveyed do not have confidence in the SEO blog outlines they create for themselves.

Try Risk-Free With Our Money-Back Guarantee

Upon signing up, what happens next?

1. You immediately receive a short questionnaire for completion.
2. You can either request target keywords or we can deliver keyword research.
3. We send a list of article topic ideas (and target keywords) to you for approval.
4. We send the article briefs over 30 days via Google Docs.

Each brief includes the following data:


Suggested word count based on competing pages
Average word count of article intros (top pages)
Keywords mentioned in every article intro (top pages)
H2 subheader word count of top page
Number of images used on top page
Most used keywords on top page
Suggested H2/H3 subheaders
Google's People Also Ask questions
Suggested blog article URL structure

Adam was the first content writer I've worked with and he far exceeded my expectations. The writing quality was top-notch, and he has a wonderful attitude. He's definitely someone I'd like to work with long-term.


Industry Jump

Adam from Freshly Squeezed SEO is an absolute pleasure to work with. Very professional, courteous, and highly recommended.


Refuel CBD

 Freshly Squeezed SEO were incredibly accommodating of my unique project requirements. If you need content with character, talk to Adam and his team.


Serial Tech CMO

Freshly Squeezed SEO were great to work with! They're talented, hard-working, and know their craft. I would recommend them for any writing project.


Nanocraft CBD

When you want quality, well-researched content with character, Freshly Squeezed SEO is a major win.



Working with Adam was really helpful since he got us jumpstarted for SEO content when I simply didn't have the time or team to do blog content well. If you're looking for an SEO jumpstart, reach out to Adam.


Cashflow Podcasting

I received the draft of the article remarkably quickly and the writing was of very high quality. The combination of a quick turnaround and a native English writer makes it a no-brainer.


Noou Digital

Freshly Squeezed SEO were a joy to work with! They were able to quickly learn the voice of our brand and created blog posts perfect for our target audience. Professional and effective.



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