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From 0 to 189,000 Monthly Organic Website Visitors

SEO Content Writing Subscription

Freshly Squeezed SEO sent Water Cooler Trivia's domain soaring into the stratosphere with monthly blog content.

Receive optimized SEO blog articles for your domain every month to spearhead your content creation efforts.

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Loved by 20+ Subscribers

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Okay, but how’s it different from ChatGPT?

Unlike box-standard blog content generated by ChatGPT, Freshly Squeezed SEO produces blog content that demonstrates topical authority and positions the author as a leader in your space.

Freshly Squeezed SEO will help you outrank AI content by delivering helpful, publish-ready blog articles that meet Google's E-E-A-T guidelines.

When you subscribe to Freshly Squeezed SEO, you are paying for the "competitive edge" that will catapult your blog articles higher up search engine results pages.

Upon subscribing, what happens next?

You will receive a short questionnaire for completion.
We will send across target SEO keywords for approval.
We will deliver the content over 30 days via Google Docs.
We will give you the opportunity to request unlimited revisions.

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❤️ from startups + niche site builders.

Wonderful Attitude. Writing Was Top-Notch.

Adam was the first content writer I've worked with and he far exceeded my expectations. The writing quality was top-notch, and he has a wonderful attitude. He's definitely someone I'd like to work with long-term.

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Loved by 20+ Subscribers

Try Risk-Free With Our Money-Back Guarantee

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