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Amazon Affiliate Plugins For WordPress: Why Use Lasso?

What are the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress?

Straight off the bat, here are a few key takeaways:

  • Lasso is the best Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress.

  • Over 8,000 websites use Lasso to manage links, create product displays, and increase their affiliate income.

  • I've found that Lasso makes it easy to create product displays customized perfectly for my branding.

As someone who started focusing on affiliate marketing from Amazon in 2021, I have tried many Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress.

I was on a mission to find the perfect tool that provides seamless integration with Amazon, excellent user experience, and, of course, an increase in affiliate revenue.

After testing multiple options, I found a winner: Lasso.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin: Discovering Lasso

It was when I came across Lasso that I realized I had hit the jackpot.

Lasso is an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin that is currently being utilized by over 8,000 websites to manage links, create visually appealing product displays, and significantly increase affiliate income.

The beauty of Lasso lies not just in its ability to optimize monetization but also in its simplicity and effectiveness.

No API Credits Required: The Simplicity Of Lasso

With Lasso, you do not need to worry about API credits.

You can easily copy and paste any Amazon URL, and Lasso automatically fetches the product title, image, and price without the need for API keys.

It also converts the URL to an affiliate link and refreshes the data every 24 hours.

The simplicity of this Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress makes it truly stand out.

"Lasso literally doubled my affiliate revenue the first month I used it. It's so fast and functional; it's my secret weapon for making more money from my sites." (Emil Shour)

Best WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin: Lasso's Unmatched Features

As someone who has explored numerous Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins, I can confidently say that Lasso is the best WordPress Amazon affiliate plugin.

AAWP is definitely useful - but Lasso's on-brand product displays are meticulously designed to match your branding, engage your visitors, and establish trust in your recommendations.

Instant Amazon Product Information Updates

Imagine getting instant updates if Amazon changes the price or image of a product you've recommended.

That's what Lasso does.

Lasso automatically refreshes every product display with the new price or image across your site.

If your recommended product is out-of-stock or no longer exists, Lasso sends you an alert.

"Lasso has saved me a bunch of time managing affiliate links and increased my conversions because of their attractive product displays." (Thao Tran)

Best WordPress Plugin For Amazon Affiliate: Lasso's Organizational & Upgrade Capabilities

The advantages of Lasso as the best WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliate purposes extend beyond income generation.

The well-organized system allows you to save and update links in one place.

When you need to change link URLs or details such as titles or ratings, Lasso updates them across your entire site in just 2 seconds.

Lasso is also an easy upgrade from any legacy plugin you might be using.

Its capabilities include importing links from other affiliate plugins, either in bulk or one at a time.

This feature, along with its other attributes, makes Lasso the best Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress.

"Not only does Lasso help me easily find out-of-stock products, but the customer support they offer is also incredible - I haven't experienced anything like it." (Elle Meager)

Monetizing International Traffic With Lasso

Lasso shines as a WordPress Amazon affiliate plugin by helping you monetize international traffic.

When a visitor from another country clicks an Amazon affiliate link on your site, Lasso automatically directs them to their local Amazon store through Amazon OneLink.

Unsure how to make this work? Lasso’s top-notch customer success team is there to guide you.

You can also sign up for various Amazon affiliate programs from multiple countries, including the United States, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Lasso helps you leverage the power of global e-commerce with ease.

Lasso's Best Features For Amazon Affiliate Marketers

Product Displays

Lasso's product displays have undergone rigorous A/B testing against millions of visits and substantial revenue.

These are not just any displays; they are optimized for maximum engagement and conversion.


The plugin allows you to view every unmonetized link and keyword across your site and turn them into affiliate links instantly.


Lasso's dashboard gives you a comprehensive inventory of all your affiliate links, where they are, and if new linking opportunities are available.

Amazon Integration

Lasso can add affiliate links from Amazon and automatically update the product information every 24 hours.

Link Cloaking

With Lasso, you can make all your URLs look "pretty" by adding your own custom permalink to every affiliate link.

Organize Your Links

Lasso allows you to organize your affiliate links into groups and display them as a grid or list on your site.

Click Tracking

Sync your links to Google Analytics to find out which affiliate links on your site are getting the most clicks.

Link Importing

You can easily import your affiliate links from other plugins like Pretty Links and Thirsty Affiliates with a single click.

Link Health

Lasso notifies you when you have a broken affiliate link or when a product you recommend is out of stock on Amazon.


Lasso provides revenue and click tracking, specifically built for affiliate marketers.

You can spot trends and grow your affiliate income based on data.

Amazon Affiliate WP Plugin: My Closing Thoughts

To summarize, here are some final thoughts:

  • Lasso is highly recommended as the best Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress.

  • It fetches and updates Amazon product data automatically, requires no API credits, and handles changes to recommended products.

  • Lasso helps monetize international traffic, efficiently manages links, and allows easy upgrades from other plugins.

  • Key features include customizable displays, link health notifications, and revenue tracking.

If you are searching for the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin, look no further than Lasso.

Whether it's about creating custom displays, plugging your income leaks, organizing your links, or easily upgrading from a previous plugin, Lasso has got you covered.

I highly recommend giving Lasso a try; it could be your secret weapon for making more money from your sites, just like it has been for me and thousands of others.


This article contains affiliate links, so I may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on my website at no additional cost to you.

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