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Best Marketing Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

The best marketing podcasts for entrepreneurs take a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of salesmanship.

The growing podcast library for entrepreneurs is becoming rather saturated. Despite the ever-expanding catalogue, great marketing podcasts are few and far between.

Entrepreneurs want to listen to marketing podcasts hosted by seasoned professionals offering practical marketing advice that can be easily deployed in the real world.

There are far too many marketing gurus spouting generic advice you've heard a million times before. Much of this marketing advice has no actual meaning and is simply used to sell books and training courses.

You should always consider the motives of those providing you with information.

After all, marketers are good at what they do. If they can find an opportunity to sell you something, they will seize it. When you're looking for the best marketing podcasts, you want to try and avoid as many of these self-proclaimed marketing gurus as possible.

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at the best marketing podcasts for entrepreneurs. If you know where to look, you will find a goldmine of practical marketing tips and tricks. Without wasting any time, let's dive straight in and explore the 5 best marketing podcasts for entrepreneurs.

1. Youpreneur Podcast

If you want to learn about marketing the unique strengths of your business, you should check out Youpreneur Podcast. This is a wildly successful entrepreneurial podcast hosted by serial entrepreneur and author Chris Drucker. As a trusted international business mentor, Chris Drucker has helped hundreds of young entrepreneurs build, market and monetize their personal brands.

2. The Freelance Podcast

There's nothing better than receiving actionable marketing advice and strategies. Anyone can talk about high-level marketing concepts and ideas but very few can actually articulate the exact steps you need to take to be successful. This is why The Freelance Podcast brings so much value to its listeners. RJ McCollam shares his thoughts on how to execute on an idea as a freelancer.

3. The Freelance Blend

Are you trying to build a small business and exit the corporate rat race? Marv de Leon, a successful freelancer based in the Phillippines, shares his proven strategies to start and grow a freelancing business. The Freelance Blend is a must-listen if you're getting ready to launch a small freelancing business.

4. The 99u Podcast

Are you fascinated by the creative process of entrepreneurship? The 99u Podcast explores the relationship between business and art. Host Sean Blanda sits down with leading artists, thinkers and entrepreneurs for a reflective deep dive into what makes their creative process tick.

5. Solopreneur Hour

A former web designer turned network marketer and serial entrepreneur, podcast host Michael O’Neal and his guests discuss the path to independence as a solopreneur. Many solopreneurs can often feel a sense of loneliness as they try to make their dreams become a reality. Solopreneur Hour will be your guiding light, helping you to get through those challenging moments.

Final Thoughts on Best Marketing Podcasts

As you continue to market your business, we recommend you check out these five marketing podcasts. We believe these are the five best marketing podcasts for no-bullshit entrepreneurs that are ready to learn about marketing tips and tricks.

What are the best marketing podcasts you've been listening to? Drop me an email and I'll add them to our list!

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