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CBD Advertising Solutions - 10 Marketing Hacks For CBD Oil Brands

CBD advertising is tough. Learning how to promote CBD oil is like mastering a fine art. How do you market CBD products when the laws are strict and often prohibitive?

There are many ways to approach CBD advertising. In this article, we’re going to focus on 10 of the most powerful CBD marketing techniques. The more you put into play, the better the results are likely to be.

1. Invest In SEO Content Writing

To ace your CBD advertising strategy, you're going to need to start ranking for CBD keywords on search engines. Whether you are selling edibles or a range of topical products, you need to target the appropriate keywords to reach your desired audience.

It’s vital to use CBD keywords along with associated terms and phrases when writing any content for your brand. If you’re selling edibles online, think of all the words and phrases relating to those products.

If you have an SEO content writer at your disposal, they will be able to conduct keyword research, helping you to build a keyword strategy for search engine domination! This is what we do for CBD brands here at Freshly Squeezed.

You should always make sure that the copy on your website is fluid, rather than being peppered with CBD keywords. Those keywords are important though. They connect you with the people who are most likely to buy your products. This is why plays such an important role in generating sales for CBD e-commerce stores.

2. Dive Into The Science

Many people are wary of cannabis marketing and CBD oil ads. Unless someone knows the differences between cannabidiol and cannabis, they may view a CBD oil advertisement as something that's promoting a product that could get them high. As we know, this isn't the case and it's one of the biggest misconceptions about cannabidiol.

It's tricky to know how to promote CBD products. It’s understandable that someone would assume a CBD oil advertisement was just another example of someone marketing cannabis products. The best thing you can do is dive into the science. Whilst there are some limitations on what you can and cannot say, you should try to create science-based content to inspire consumer confidence and do some much-needed myth-busting.

When it comes to figuring out how to promote CBD oil, jumping into the science behind cannabidiol is a safe bet. There are plenty of clinical studies, scientific papers, and bodies of research out there. More is being done to help support the existing evidence that CBD can provide therapeutic relief to those suffering from certain medical conditions.

Make sure your content references these studies. It should explain in layman’s terms how beneficial CBD oil can be. People who thought you were marketing cannabis products could then understand that you are not participating in any marijuana marketing at all. Rather, you are providing a product that doesn’t produce a high and could help with numerous medical issues.

3. Talk About CBD Traceability

Trust is a major factor in helping the consumer decide which brand to buy from. This applies across the board, but it is arguably even more important when marketing CBD products. In learning how to promote CBD, from selling edibles to providing bottled oils, you need to make building consumer confidence your top priority.

You can achieve this by talking about CBD traceability. Let people know everything they purchase can be traced, so they’ll know exactly where the CBD oil originated. Traceability is about transparency. Being honest and upfront with your CBD target market is vital. Some companies aren’t – so trying this technique is going to put you ahead of many competitors.

Even those who know a little about dispensary marketing and cannabis ads may not realize CBD oil is a different product. CBD isolate contains no THC, the main psychoactive component of cannabis that triggers the high feeling many associate with cannabis. Make it clear what you are offering and reassure your audience that all your products are fully traceable.

4. Share Customer Testimonials

Few things are more powerful than a testimonial provided by someone who is already convinced of the benefits of your products. Testimonials are far removed from cannabis ads; instead, they are one of the best marketing CBD techniques you can use.

Video testimonials are the most powerful form of social proof that you can use. Although, written testimonials are fine too. You might even think about interviewing some customers and getting their opinions to include in a podcast (more on that particular CBD advertising technique shortly).

You might also be able to link to testimonials via your social media channels if you host the testimonials on your website. Cannabis ads are never allowed on social media and sometimes it's difficult for social media advertising regulators to distinguish between cannabis and CBD. It's not always possible to advertise CBD on Facebook. However, sharing responses from customers shouldn’t get you into trouble, especially if you link to them rather than showing them there.

Your website is always going to be powerful marketing tool, if you can your target market to it. Considering how to promote CBD oil on your website is important. Customers testimonials are an effective way to present anecdotal evidence of the benefits that your customers receive after consuming your products.

5. Create Educational Resources

Don’t underestimate the power of blog content. Those involved in cannabis marketing, selling edibles online or marketing CBD products know they can draw in an audience by creating regular blog posts about the world of CBD.

The educational aspect is important. Some people will assume you are marketing cannabis products rather than talking about CBD oil with the potential to provide therapeutic benefits to consumers.

I mentioned the science earlier. It’s good to use those links here, too. Well-written blog posts can help you to figure out how to promote CBD oil. They can also help your audience understand how cannabidiol products are not the same as cannabis products.

Pay attention to keywords and cannabis SEO too. This can help when finding out how to sell edibles and producing content to support your CBD oil ad ideas.

Similarly, people searching for cannabis social media posts might find your link that leads them to your blog post. Advertising cannabis on Facebook is a non-starter, but you may still find an audience there by using some clever search terms to find them.

6. Explore Social Media Marketing

The laws and regulations surrounding Facebook cannabis ads, Instagram CBD accounts, and cannabis social media mentions are strict. In other words, your CBD oil ad won’t be permitted to go live. If you did start advertising cannabis on Facebook or testing the boundaries, you’d likely lose your account in the process.

Social media is still an important channel to use, if done correctly. CBD influencers are your best route into the CBD marketing arena. You should try and reach out to as many CBD influencers as possible to see whether they would be interested in a potential collaboration.

People won’t see recommendations from influencers as a CBD marketing technique, even though it is. Combined with establishing your own Instagram CBD account and establishing yourself on other social media channels, the potential for selling topicals and edibles online is huge.

7. Set Up A Referral Program

How do you market CBD products to a new audience? Leverage your existing audience to bring in new sales leads.

This type of marketing takes more work, but once you've built a referral ecosystem, the sky's the limit for your CBD brand. You could offer discounts to customers for referring new people to your site. Issue promotional codes, so each purchase involves a discount for the buyer and a ‘finder’s fee’ for the referrer. This could be a discount off their next CBD product order.

This is one of the most organic ways to build your CBD brand. Imagine if every single customer that you have ever had referred you to three of their friends. What would your business look like? The power of referrals is monumental. You need to figure out a game plan to get your referral engine moving.

8. Build Your Email Marketing List

When a potential new customer lands on your website, how can you capture their details? Encourage them to sign up to your email newsletter.

Much like cannabis SEO, you need to use keywords relating to CBD to bring an organic stream of traffic to your CBD website. Once they start browsing through your website, invite them to sign up to a free email newsletter. This marketing technique works well if you can offer an incentive. This could be a discount off a future purchase or a free report on the possible therapeutic benefits associated with CBD oil.

Your email list will be filled with qualified leads – people who have shown an interest in your CBD products and are interested in forming a stronger connection with your brand. In an email newsletter, you can announce new products, share research, and provide a range of educational resources about the world of CBD.

9. Launch A Podcast

People absorb information in different ways. Whilst some like to read, others preferred to listen. This is why CBD brands should always have a diverse content marketing strategy.

A podcast is a popular way of appealing to people who love listening to information on a topic of interest. It’s also another way to get around social media regulations. CBD companies may struggle to advertise on Facebook but they can launch a podcast.

10. Leverage CBD Influencers

CBD influencers are people from all walks of life who use and endorse CBD products. They might have experienced positive effects from regular use of CBD. As such, these people need to become your cheerleaders.

Look for CBD Instagram accounts that have the unique ability to reach your target audience. The same applies if you are searching for CBD influencers on Facebook. We recently wrote another blog article about the importance of leveraging CBD influencers in your digital marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts On CBD Advertising Solutions

In conclusion, it’s clear that CBD advertising is indeed challenging, requiring lateral thinking to reach your target market. Yet with consistent efforts, utilizing a range of marketing channels, you could very quickly capture the attention of your target market.

By using the techniques outlined in this article, you won’t need to worry about the prospect of a new Instagram policy, a change in the law, or anything else that would make CBD advertising harder than it needs to be. It's time to get to work!

You can read our full CBD marketing study here.

If you have any questions about the study or would like to talk with us about CBD content writing for your brand, please email Adam@FreshlySqueezed.Online. You can also view our blog content samples and pricing plans.

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