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Competition in the CBD industry has never been fiercer. There are new CBD brands entering the marketplace every week with their own unique spin on existing CBD oil products. As you fight to gain market share, how can you ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd?

Over the past few months, I have been fortunate enough to work with several CBD brands, delivering content writing to enhance their SEO strategies. At the same time, we were building educational libraries of resources for consumers to learn about the mystical world of CBD, which is so often shrouded in mystery and filled with misconceptions.

For CBD brands, content writing serves the dual purpose of bolstering SEO and increasing consumer confidence. If your website can become the go-to educational resource for learning about CBD, you will be able to build consumer confidence and climb the search rankings in the process. Google rewards exceptional content that comprehensively tackles topics.

I believe premium CBD brands should be built on transparency, trust and efficacy. These are the core characteristics and traits that will enable you to cut through the noise of the CBD industry and reach your target audience. At Freshly Squeezed, the written content that we produce for CBD brands is designed to bring these attractive traits to the very forefront of your marketing.

CBD Content Writing With Accessibility

There is a considerable amount of literature available online about CBD, but the content is often far from accessible for a typical CBD consumer. We write content that isn’t afraid to dive into the big scientific concepts but remains accessible to consumers that have a limited understanding of CBD. It’s all about striking a careful balance. The trick is to make the science accessible.

CBD Content Writing With Compliance

When it comes to growth marketing, the CBD industry faces an unprecedented challenge. There are plenty of regulatory hurdles to jump. Many of the traditional digital marketing channels that other industries would use to promote their products are unavailable. This demands a level of creativity from digital marketing teams to craft content that is both compelling and compliant.

CBD Content Writing With Flair

Producing CBD content writing that explains the science in an exciting and engaging way can often be challenging, but it’s the only way you will be able to capture the attention of your target audience. It is absolutely essential for CBD brands to be publishing educational resources to help consumers build on their understanding of this unique chemical compound.

SEO Strategy For CBD Content Writing

What if there was a magic formula to get your CBD company on the first page of Google for industry-relevant keywords?

To find out, we examined 26 factors across the top 510 ranking CBD websites in the UK for 51 valuable CBD keywords.

There were various complexities that came with conducting this groundbreaking study. We quickly understood why nobody had successfully completed a CBD study of this magnitude before. Despite the challenges, we embraced the struggle and kept pushing forward, in the pursuit of identifying common traits and characteristics of top-ranking CBD websites.

After several months of research, with the help of virtual assistants, we found 13,260 different metrics that gave us a clear picture of how someone could enter the top 10 search results for the most competitive CBD keywords on Google. It was pretty eye-opening, to say the least!

Upon reviewing the findings, we managed to break these metrics down into 14 digestible insights that could be easily explained to those in the CBD industry with potentially limited SEO knowledge.

So, what does it take to get your CBD blog content ranking on the first page of Google for specific keywords?

It's all about the word count.

You've probably heard it millions of times - word count is vital for SEO. It's most certainly true.

The longer your blog content is, the better chance it has at ranking highly for keywords and phrases. By increasing your word count, you're giving Google more content to crawl and this can only ever be a good thing.

Writing 8,000 words for every blog post, just to 'play it safe', isn't economical. Rather than doing guesswork, we wanted to approach this through a mathematical and scientific lens. This is why we examined the word counts of the top-ranking CBD blog posts on Google.

When it comes to writing CBD blog content, 2,607 words are required if you wish to appear on the first page of Google. This may seem excessive - but it's absolutely necessary if you want to draw organic traffic from Google to your CBD website.

We compared the average word count of position #1, position #1 to #10, and position #10. The results were not what we were expecting...

The highest position on Google (#1) had an average word count of 2,575.

The average of position #10 had an average word count of 2,757.

The average of all top 10 Google positions was a much higher 3,726.

This posed two giant questions:

  • Why does CBD content require such a large quantity of words to stand a chance at ranking in the top 10?

  • Why does position #1 on the search results have a similar word count to position #10?

We found that it’s likely due to the tough competition of this CBD niche. To be on top, you need to invest in quality content. For this reason, we believe that quality of content supersedes length of content.

While position #1 and #10 have a similar word count, it’s possible that position #1 has generally higher quality content.

With the average of all #1 through to #10 positions being higher, if your content can’t be amazing, you should at least be striving to make it longer.

It’s worth noting that causation may not be correlation, but it’s a good idea to aim for at least 2,607 words when writing your CBD-related content to get on the first page of Google.

As we said earlier, there are many other SEO factors that come into play to rank highly on Google for CBD keywords and phrases. If you can ensure that your blog content is at least 2,607, you will increase your chances of success.

After all, who doesn't want more traffic coming to their CBD website?

You can read our full CBD marketing study here.

If you have any questions about the study or would like to talk with us about CBD content writing for your brand, please email Adam@FreshlySqueezed.Online. You can also view our blog content samples and pricing plans.


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