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CBD Dropshipping UK - Everything You Need To Know

Are you an entrepreneur looking for your next dropshipping opportunity?

If so, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the rapidly growing market selling CBD products online.

Research reports suggest that in 2019, around 6 million adults in the UK used CBD products - an 11% rise on the previous year. This consumption is only anticipated to rise as more people become familiar with the potential therapeutic benefits of this chemical compound!

How can an entrepreneur like yourself effectively sell and distribute CBD products online in the UK?

CBD dropshipping is the answer.

What is CBD Dropshipping UK?

CBD dropshipping UK is a service that allows entrepreneurs and online businesses to sell CBD products to customers without ever actually stocking the inventory themselves.

The retailer promotes and sells the products, and the dropshipping business stores and ships the product directly to the buyer, once the item is purchased.

Essentially, CBD dropshipping provides a low-risk approach to starting a CBD oil business, and we’re going to tell you how!

Why Are People Using CBD Dropshipping UK?

Using a CBD dropshipping service to catapult your online CBD oil business has several advantages.

After all, what is not to like about starting a business in an extremely profitable sector, virtually risk-free?

The three main reasons why people are using CBD dropshipping in the UK are:

#1 - You Can Offer A Larger Variety Of CBD Products

CBD dropshipping gives businesses the option of offering a wider variety of products, without having to physically own and store the inventory themselves.

Instead of only being able to provide a handful of CBD oils, you can also offer other CBD products like edibles, supplements or vapes.

Offering a wider range of products also means you can be sure you’re catering to all your prospective buyers’ needs.

#2 - You’ll Have Lower Startup Costs

Lowering the startup costs of your new CBD business means there are fewer barriers to entry and hurdles to overcome on your road to success.

By using a CBD dropshipping service, aside from the risk of purchasing the inventory upfront, you will also eliminate general costs surrounding the storage and shipment of products.

We’re talking about the costs involved in storage or warehousing solutions, as well as shipment costs, packaging, and even shipment tracking systems. All of the money that would be used to cover these expenses can instead be spent on marketing activities.

#3 - You Will Save Yourself Time

Who doesn’t need more time these days?

Rather than using up your time managing inventory levels and packing and shipping orders, you can leave all of that to your CBD dropshipping service provider.

That means you have more time to focus on growing your CBD dropshipping business by implementing a solid content marketing strategy to promote the CBD products.

What Are The Regulations Involved In CBD Dropshipping UK?

It is perfectly legal to use dropshipping for CBD products in the UK.

The only regulations currently involved in the selling and shipping of CBD oil in the UK are the general regulations surrounding the marketing and selling of hemp products.

Most notably, CBD product packages cannot be labelled with any medical claims.

Instead, your product packaging should focus on promoting the therapeutic benefits and general wellness, rather diving too deep into the science of the product.

Final Thoughts On CBD Dropshipping UK

The CBD industry is booming in the UK, and there has never been a better time to get your foot in the door.

By using CBD dropshipping services you’ll effectively eliminate the excessive startup costs that usually come with buying and holding inventory. You don't have to worry about not failing to sell units of stock because you're not holding it.

You’ll also give your business the best chance to thrive, by offering customers a wide range of products, and leave yourself enough time to build and promote your brand.

So, leave the inventory and shipping logistics to the professionals, and start your online business with CBD dropshipping UK service providers today!

You can read our full CBD marketing study here.

If you have any questions about the study or would like to talk with us about CBD content writing for your brand, please email Adam@FreshlySqueezed.Online. You can also view our blog content samples and pricing plans.

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