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Top 20 CBD Influencers For CBD Oil Brands On Instagram & Facebook

CBD influencers can drive brand awareness and increase the visibility of your CBD products.

How do you market CBD products? CBD advertising is prohibited in many countries and on most marketing channels. From the outset, you’re faced with a unique challenge. CBD marketing must be done with care and caution. You need to have a solid understanding of the laws and regulations around what you can and cannot say about products like CBD oil.

That said, it’s not hard to find CBD Instagram accounts or Facebook cannabis references if you know where to look. Indeed, social media is awash with references to the latest wellness products that are taking the industry by storm. There are plenty of opportunities here if you know how and where to find them.

The key? CBD influencers.

What Are CBD Influencers?

CBD influencers are likely to already have a following that is interested in wellness. If the influencer recommends a cannabidiol product, their followers may try it too. People instinctively trust celebrities and often see these individuals as authority figures, giving them a tremendous amount of influencer over buying habits and consumer behavior.

How do you market CBD products? Simple – you join forces with influencers who may be interested in forming influencer partnerships with CBD brands like yours. There are dozens to choose from.

Influencers have a wide reach and they don’t all connect with the same audience. For example, some might be involved with brands selling edibles online. Others may focus on how to promote CBD oil by sharing their own reasons for using it. Many say they have experienced a sense of therapeutic relief after taking CBD products for several days.

Some may be marketing cannabis rather than CBD oils, however, so be careful to distinguish between them. Finding CBD influencers that are able to reach your brand’s target market is important. Anyone can consume CBD products. Searching for CBD influencers that operate within a specific niche could potentially help your brand message to resonate with their core audience.

Why Do CBD Oil Brands Need Influencers?

Advertising cannabis on Facebook or indeed running a CBD oil advertisement would likely fall under Facebook’s ‘unsafe supplements’ policy. The laws and regulations on CBD products vary from country to country with some taking a firmer stance than others. Marketing CBD online means you could reach people across the world and you should carefully consider how you approach this.

While CBD is just one of many cannabinoids found in cannabis, you may be viewed as marketing cannabis. Even if you can legally advertise products where you live, you may inadvertently go across country borders with a social media advert.

Although CBD products are legal in some countries, social media platforms may disagree and ban your CBD advertisements. So, can cannabis companies advertise on Facebook? Only until their ad is discovered and removed! Repeated misbehavior could lead to being banned from certain social media platforms.

You shouldn’t be using ads to promote your CBD products. It’s far too risky. You could spend thousands of dollars only to have your ad account suspended indefinitely. This happens all too often. If you want to know how to promote CBD oil and similar products, leveraging influencer marketing and content marketing is the best way to go.

How Can CBD Influencers Promote Your Brand?

CBD marketing is difficult but CBD influencers are your best bet for driving brand awareness alongside thoughtfully crafted blog content to boost your search rankings.

You can think of social media as a marketing channel for sharing experiences rather than promoting products. Influencers amass thousands – sometimes millions – of followers. If an influencer loves a new CBD oil product, they’ll share their thoughts with the audience.

Can you advertise CBD on Facebook? No, but there is nothing to stop someone sharing their experiences of using a CBD product on their Facebook account. While you may reach a smaller audience with this technique, it’s a captive one. A portion of your CBD target market follows the influencer already.

They can promote your brand through hashtags, CBD keywords, and sharing their experiences of using your products. While no unsubstantiated claims should be made, there is nothing to stop someone from sharing their personal experiences of using a product.

It’s not all about making sales either. Generating awareness and recommendations to follow your own brand page or website all contribute to building a bigger, more widely recognized brand.

Where Can You Find CBD Influencers?

CBD influencers can be found on many social media platforms, including:

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • TikTok

  • YouTube

  • Snapchat

If you want to know can you advertise CBD on Facebook, you need to find a network of influencers to help promote your brand without resorting to ads. If an influencer highlights their use of cannabidiol, it gets your message across in a way that CBD or cannabis ads would not.

Make sure you find the best influencers by searching for the right terms. If you were selling edibles online, for example, look for influencers who focus on selling edibles.

If you want to achieve the closest thing to a CBD oil advertisement, look for CBD Instagram accounts. Cannabis ads and CBD oil ads may be disallowed, but there are plenty of Instagram CBD accounts – and more on Twitter and Facebook – you can link up with.

Top 20 CBD Influencers

1. Jolene Goring

Jolene Goring has over 89k followers and is listed as a go-to CBD Influencer. Jolene’s account focuses on topics including food, fitness, and media.

2. The High Woman

Haleyann has over 12k followers. Based in Southern California, she highlights CBD products and marijuana across several topic sections.

3. Montel Williams

The famous TV host has 40k followers and is a self-described activist. Diagnosed with MS, he found that CBD oil had a positive effect on his symptoms.

4. Chris Lavish

With nearly 70k followers, Chris Lavish posts on various topics including yoga, CBD life, and art. Chris is famous for his tattoos and eye-catching photos.

5. Sunnny.Daze

Also known as Whit, she describes herself as an advocate for cannabinoids. Whit is currently followed by more than 59K people on Instagram.

6. CBD Woman

She may only have 1,700 followers to date, but Rachael has one of the most comprehensive approaches for how to promote CBD products on Instagram.

7. Michael J Fox

Michael J Fox’s Instagram account, followed by 832k people, doesn’t specifically mention CBD products, but he has done plenty of research into CBD as a pain-relieving solution for Parkinson’s disease.

8. Dr. Sanjay Gupta

With 174k followers, Dr. Gupta has posted on CBD and many other wellness-related topics. He is a neurosurgeon and has lent his support to the effort to legalize marijuana.

9. Dr. Rachna Patel

Dr. Rachna Patel describes herself as a cannabis doctor on Instagram. She has an established following on YouTube and her CBD oil-related posts are attracting attention on Instagram.

10. Dr. Michele Ross

Dr. Michele Ross is a neuroscientist whose posts regularly highlight CBD products to relieve symptoms caused by her fibromyalgia.

11. Aisling Bea

Actress Aisling Bea has been sharing her experience of using CBD oil for improved sleep.

12. CBD Examine

This YouTube channel goes into far more depth than many influencers when it comes to CBD products. Lab tests and reviews are key here, with an accessible approach many people love.

13. Tommy Chong

Perhaps the oldest influencer on our list, now in his eighties. Tommy Chong’s Instagram features many posts marketing CBD oil and highlighting its potential to reduce stress and anxiety.

14. Kristen Bell

The second actress on our list, Kristen Bell takes a level-headed approach to distinguishing between CBD oil and cannabis. Social media posts highlight her belief in using the oil for anxiety and pain.

15. Foods That Heal You CBD

This Facebook account is fronted by Catherine, a nutritionist based in Indiana. Catherine’s account features many useful posts about CBD oil and the importance of good quality.

16. Showtime Pettis

With 1.4 million followers on Instagram, Anthony Pettis has progressed his MMA career while taking CBD oil to provide therapeutic relief when faced with aches and pains.

17. Zoe Sigman

The science editor for Broccoli, Zoe Sigman can be found exploring the depths of cannabis science and cannabinoids, along with their prospects for greater overall wellness.

18. The Stoner Mom

Despite the name, many posts on The Stoner Mom’s Instagram account promote various CBD products. Everything from CBD cookies to CBD bath bombs has been featured.

19. Cannavieve

A self-proclaimed CBD advocate, this account is big on educating and learning more about CBD products and associated topics.

20. Project CBD

Offering CBD 101, research, and other associated topics, Project CBD has amassed more than 30k followers on Instagram. Their content is educational and enlightening in equal measure.

CBD Advertising With SEO Content Writing

SEO – or search engine optimization – is crucial when trying to get as many eyeballs as possible on your website. For instance, if you want to know how to sell edibles, you need to find the best keywords to target. You need to think about what your target market is likely to be searching on Google and create blog content around those keywords.

Another example – knowledge of cannabis SEO would be required if you were looking at the potential of cannabis marketing. While the promotion of CBD oil isn’t the same as marijuana marketing, the relevance of appropriate CBD keywords is still there.

We sprinkled this entire blog article with CBD keywords to help us reach more CBD brands! Freshly Squeezed works with CBD brands on both sides of the Atlantic to craft SEO blog content and increase search rankings on Google.

Promoting your products via CBD influencers is still advertising of sorts. It is still important to understand the role of SEO and targeting the best keywords. People may visit Instagram, Facebook, or another platform and search for CBD oil to find the best people to follow, for instance.

If you join forces with an influencer who promotes similar products, you can agree on appropriate search terms to use in the information that goes beside the post. SEO content writing has an important role to play when it comes to promoting your CBD products via a selection of carefully chosen influencers.

Think of using less obvious terms, too. Using terms such as cannabis marketing or marijuana marketing may not target your ideal audience, but they might bring in people who are curious about the potential medical benefits of cannabis. They may not initially be aware of CBD oil – something that would change by reading an influencer’s recommendation of your product.

Always remember to look beyond the obvious search terms. Cannabis SEO may not relate to your products, but it might connect you to a new market – one you wouldn’t otherwise have reached. It certainly unlocks greater potential.

Final Thoughts On CBD Influencers

CBD businesses are always at the mercy of a new Instagram policy or the latest cannabis social media rules and regulations – never mind the law. If you want to know how to sell edibles or promote CBD products on social media, CBD influencers remain the best option.

While your CBD oil advertisement will likely never even see daylight, a network of CBD influencers could bring your brand far better results than you may think possible. Even if advertising rules change, influencers are likely to be there for the long haul.

You can read our full CBD marketing study here.

If you have any questions about the study or would like to talk with us about CBD content writing for your brand, please email Adam@FreshlySqueezed.Online. You can also view our blog content samples and pricing plans.

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