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Choosing A Content Creation Agency (Buyer's Guide)

Are you having trouble choosing a content creation agency?

There are so many content creation agencies on the marketplace to choose from.

When it comes to picking a digital content agency, businesses are spoilt for choice.

Picking the right content creation agency could completely transform your business - driving a consistent stream of qualified leads to your website.

Picking the wrong content creation agency could wreck your chances of turning your website into a sales machine.

It’s time to start asking the right questions to avoid making a mistake.

The right content development agency for one business might be the wrong agency for another.

In this article, we will be exploring what you should consider when choosing a content marketing firm to spearhead your SEO campaign.

If you do not have time to read the full article, here are the five core questions you should ask when choosing between agencies:

Does the content creation agency specialize in a niche?

Many content marketing agencies only work with businesses in specific industries or sectors.

These agencies may have the expertise needed to get your SEO campaign off the ground.

At the same time, agencies with experience working with a broad range of businesses across a range of sectors may be just as able to deliver exceptional SEO results.

If a content marketing firm has never worked with a business in your niche, you might want to consider looking elsewhere.

You need to have the confidence that the agency is going to be capable of delivering results.

Are they open to a long-term working partnership?

SEO is a long game.

Many business owners expect to see SEO results overnight.

An SEO strategy is likely to play out over the course of several months.

You need to give Google’s algorithm a chance to crawl and rank your website’s content.

Google’s algorithm is notorious for being rather slow!

Creating SEO-optimized blog content to rank for a wide variety of competitive keywords takes time.

When you’re browsing the market for content creation agencies, make sure you find a company that is prepared to be in this for the long haul.

The last thing you want to do is change agencies where you are mid-way through a strategy.

Not only can this prove to be a giant waste of time and money - but it could have been easily avoided by picking the right agency.

Find an agency that can oversee your SEO strategy from conception through to completion.

Have you read customer reviews on the content marketing firm?

It is always good practice to read customer reviews on any content marketing firm you are considering doing business with.

This could provide you with a level of insight into successful partnerships a firm has had with other businesses.

You need to know what they are like to work with and consider whether this fits into your style of working.

If you’re curious to find out more about what the agency is like to work, you could directly contact some of the other businesses to talk about their experiences.

When you’re about to place a component of your digital marketing plan in another company’s hands, you need to know they are going to do a good job.

Curiosity into client relationships is a natural and healthy part of choosing the right content partner.

There is no room for error - SEO is far too important.

It can be challenging to get SEO right at the best of times.

With constantly-evolving algorithms and hundreds of ranking factors to consider, you need an agency with their eye on the ball.

The smallest optimization error could be the difference between your content failing to rank in the top ten search results for specific keywords and phrases on Google.

Content ranking a few positions lower than it should in the search results can have an extreme impact on how many people end up clicking on it.

For instance, there is a huge disparity between the number of people who click on the first search result and those who click on the second.

Does the content development agency offer set packages?

Ideally, when you’re browsing through the packages offered by content development agencies, you want to see some flexibility.

Set packages are often far from ideal, especially if you’re looking for a custom solution.

We would always recommend checking to see whether there is any ‘wiggle room’ with the set packages on offer.

For instance, at Freshly Squeezed, our SEO content writing packages are entirely flexible.

You tell us how many words you need each month and we can craft a custom package!

Don’t settle for a content marketing package that doesn’t meet your needs.

There are far too many content marketing agencies for businesses to not have their needs met.

If a certain content creation agency cannot meet your needs, don’t settle, go elsewhere!

Will they have the capacity to meet your needs?

Sometimes, content agencies can be both overwhelmed and overextended.

What do we mean by this?

Well, agencies only have so much time to offer each customer.

You need to know you will be getting a fair slice of their time.

The busiest agency isn’t necessarily the best.

It isn’t reasonable to expect an agency to give you undivided attention.

However, when you email or call the agency, you shouldn’t be expected to wait days for a response.

You want to be working with an agency that will give you same-day responses.

As we said earlier, take a look at their customer reviews to gain a sense of what it might be like to work with the agency.

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