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3 Powerful Reasons To Invest In Content Writing (2020 Guide)

Writing a blog post is as easy as pie, but strategically crafting highly-optimized content to drive sales and leads requires a different recipe altogether.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply sprinkle a few keywords into your content to spice things up for search engine optimization. If only it were that straightforward! There is much more to SEO than the placement of a few keywords and phrases.

These are definitely important, but the singular practice of using keywords and phrases does not represent the whole, multifaceted picture of search engine optimization.

For many non-professional writers, the thorough consideration and implementation of SEO best practices usually come at the expense of the content's quality. The desire to optimize the content becomes an all-consuming distraction.

Startup founders can get caught up in following the rigid guidelines of SEO, neglecting the content's overall quality.

Essentially, writing exceptional content for your blog is a balancing act. It requires careful consideration if you want to effectively drive results. Once you eventually get into the swing of writing, you will find that a sizeable chunk of your day has disappeared.

Before you begin writing a piece of content, you need to understand its purpose. Why are you taking time out of your day to write this particular piece of content? Where would it appear on your sales funnel?

In the case of this article, I'm writing to inspire my target market to take action and sign up for my SEO content writing masterplan. Rather than turning this into a straight sales pitch, I want to provide startup founders, my target market, with value along the way.

Whilst a blog post can focus on your product or service, it shouldn't be entirely self-serving. Instead, think of ways in which you can provide your target market with value through industry insights and knowledge.

I'm trying to provide value to my target market by highlighting some of the potential benefits that come with crafting fully-optimized content writing.

Here are three powerful benefits of investing in my SEO content writing masterplan.

1. Drive traffic to your website

This is the most obvious benefit of investing in blog content for your startup's website. From the outset, I work closely with my clients to strategically create content around the keywords and phrases they should be ranking for on Google.

Whilst I focus on driving organic traffic from search engines, I also believe in the value of producing highly-shareable content that encourages social media circulation.

An increase in visitors to your website can boost the exposure of your startup's products and services. With tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics, you can measure the return-on-investment of your blog content.

2. Become an industry thought leader

Insightful blog content can position your startup as a brand that is driving innovative conversation and debate in your industry.

With 3,000 words every month, I have plenty of time to dive into thought-provoking and industry-shaking concepts with your audience. Thorough research is conducted into every topic to get your blog firing on all cylinders.

I can provide you with ambitious content that will impress fellow industry professionals and potential customers.

3. Inspire consumer confidence

Blog content gives you the opportunity to enhance customer relationships. If you're a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, blog content can be used to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about your software in comprehensive detail.

Your startup's blog can also feature content that compares your products or services to those of industry competitors. This can help build a case for sales conversion, whilst also providing readers with genuine consumer-friendly value.

The blog articles can be leveraged at several different stages of your sales funnel. In our initial consultation call, we will discuss your existing sales funnel and explore how we can incorporate blog content into it. This will help to drive consumer confidence and push people further down your funnel, increasing conversion rates.

Are you in need of a dedicated SEO writer for your startup? Send an email to Adam to discuss your startup's digital marketing objectives and ambitions.

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