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Squarespace Fonts – How To Find The Best Fonts

How can you find the best Squarespace fonts? This is the question on the lips of every Squarespace user.

There are hundreds of Squarespace fonts to choose from. It’s great to have plenty of options, but it can make it much harder to pick the perfect font for your website.

We are going to explore how to find these fonts and how to choose the best ones.

How To Find And Change Squarespace Fonts

Go to your home menu and select 'Design'. You can then select 'Fonts' and browse through Squarespace's font packs to choose your ideal one.

There Are Two Font Types To Choose From

All Squarespace fonts fall into two different categories:

  • Serif

  • Sans Serif

Serif fonts are more ornate, such as Times New Roman. Sans Serif refers to a more basic font without the extravagance that can be found in serif fonts. A good example is Arial.

Sans means without. The translation for serif is uncertain, but it seems to indicate that a font does not have the extra strokes included in serif fonts.

Consider Using Different Fonts For Different Purposes

Every page on your Squarespace website is going to typically make use of headers and body copy. Some fonts look better when used for headings. Others look better for the body copy.

The rule of thumb dictates that Sans Serif fonts are eye-catching when used for larger titles or headings. Serif fonts are easier on the eye. This makes them perfect for body copy. However, they can be harder to read if your font is small. So, consider size when choosing Squarespace fonts. If in doubt, you can just use San Serif fonts across all content.

Start With The Popular Squarespace Fonts

These appear by default when looking through the available options. If you have recently used any fonts, those will appear as well.

This prevents you from becoming overwhelmed with options. However, be prepared to branch out if you cannot settle on anything.

Match Your Font With Your Site And Brand

Many people choose Squarespace fonts according to personal preference. However, those fonts may not match the tone and perception that their Squarespace website needs to create in order to generate sales and build consumer confidence.

Perhaps the best example involves Courier – the so-called typewriter font. If your website sells reconditioned classic typewriters, Courier would undoubtedly be the best Squarespace font you could use.

Font psychology looks at the way people react to certain fonts. For instance:

  • Serif fonts are viewed as traditional

  • San serif fonts are modern and clean

Different fonts can also make people feel a certain way and potentially encourage particular behaviors. If your website sells creative writing materials, a script-style font would work well.

A website selling cleaning materials may do well with Calibri – a clean script that is simple and effective. The association between the cleaning supplies and the clean aesthetic of the script is subliminal but it’s still there.

Experiment Before Going Live

Carefully choose your Squarespace fonts for your headings and body copy. Consider your brand. Consider the message you want to send out. Researching good font pairs and trying them in Squarespace helps you find the right ‘voice’ for your website.

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