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Earn 20% Recurring Commission Per Customer

✨ Promote Adam's SEO Subscription Services

When you refer people to Adam (Freshly Squeezed SEO) with your special affiliate link, we'll pay you 20% of all lifetime sales generated from each person you refer.

Earn A Steady Income With Adam's Affiliate Program

Are you ready to earn from your referrals? Join Adam's affiliate program and get rewarded for spreading the word about Adam's SEO subscription services.

Here's How It Works

Sign Up: It’s free and easy. Start by creating your unique affiliate account.
Promote: Use your exclusive affiliate link to introduce our SEO services to your audience.


Earn: Receive a generous 20% commission for every payment made by customers you refer – not just once, but for the entire duration of their subscription with us


Initial Referral: You refer Jeff, who signs up for our "20 Blog Article Outlines Per Month" package at $650/month.

Your Earnings: Every month, as long as Jeff remains a subscriber, you'll earn $130 (which is 20% of $650).

Long-Term Potential: If Jeff stays subscribed for a year, you earn a total of $1,560 from this single referral.

Imagine referring 10 customers like Jeff. That could mean $1,300 every month, adding up to $15,600 in a year, and it only grows from there!

Track Your Success

Our intuitive dashboard allows you to track your referrals, view pending and completed orders, and monitor your earnings in real-time.

Ready to start earning with us?


Click Sign Up to join the program.

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Any questions? Email Adam directly.

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