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How To Write Blog Posts Faster

Do you know how to write blog posts faster?

I used to spend countless hours staring at a blank screen, struggling to craft the perfect post.

Over the years, I've discovered several techniques that have drastically reduced the time it takes for me to write a blog post.

And today, I'd like to share these methods with you.

Straight off the bat, here are a few key takeaways:

  • Plan your content in advance

  • Develop an efficient writing routine

  • Use AI to generate article content briefs

  • Harness the power of content writing tools

  • Consistently review your writing approach

Without wasting any time, let's dive straight in.

How To Write Blog Posts Faster: Key Strategies

Planning Content

Planning your content is the first step to write blogs faster.

Before starting, have a clear picture of what you want to say.

This will streamline your writing process, eliminating wasted time spent on figuring out your next point.

Consider your topic, the purpose of the blog post, and your target audience.

Outline the main points you want to cover to create a roadmap for your writing.

I've found that ChatGPT is useful for creating content briefs.

This can help kickstart the writing process and get your creative juices following.

When I'm writing an article, I find that a content brief provides me with the necessary structure to streamline my thoughts and get down to business.

Here are a few tips on how to plan blog content:

  • Use Ahrefs or Semrush to find keywords.

  • Create a content calendar with clear deadlines.

  • Leverage ChatGPT to write blog article outlines.

Developing A Writing Routine

Your writing routine significantly affects how fast you write blog posts.

I find it beneficial to set aside dedicated writing time each day, where I can work without distraction.

Over time, I have trained my mind to switch into 'writing mode' during these periods, helping me to write a blog post faster.

Here are a few tips for developing a writing routine:

  • Commit to writing a set number of words per day.

  • Ensure the article's structure is established before writing.

  • Create a distraction-free environment.

Let's face it, in the modern world, it's pretty difficult to create a distraction-free environment - but it's possible.

Start by turning your phone off and cutting down on the number of tabs you have open.

If you're using Chrome as your browser, I'd recommend installing a website-blocker Chrome extension, enabling you to temporarily prevent yourself from accessing distracting websites, like Facebook and Twitter.

SEO Tactics To Write Blogs Faster

SEO is not just about getting your blog seen - it's also a fantastic tool to speed up your writing.

By focusing on target keywords, like how to write a blog post fast or how to write good blog post fast, you can maintain a clear focus in your writing, enabling you to create content faster.

To accelerate the writing process, I'd recommend the following:

  1. Use Ahrefs or Semrush to identify your target keywords.

  2. Type the keywords in Google and find the People Also Ask questions.

  3. Copy and paste these PAA questions into a Google document.

  4. Turn these PAA questions into subheaders and re-order logically.

  5. Write answers to each of the subheader questions.

Voila! You have a very basic blog article.

All you need to do now is bulk out the content and make it flow nicely.

Using Content Writing Tools For Blog Article Creation

There are countless tools out there designed to help you write blogs faster.

Rather than gravitating toward an AI-powered content writing tool to produce blog articles from scratch, I'd recommend using a content writing service.

An effective content writing service can take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

Sure, I'm a little biased but one of the best is Freshly Squeezed SEO.

Unlike AI content generators like ChatGPT, Freshly Squeezed SEO creates blog content that positions the author as a leader in their space.

By providing publish-ready blog articles that meet Google's E-E-A-T guidelines, Freshly Squeezed SEO can radically speed up the content creation process and enable you to have a full pipeline of blog articles at all times.

Revising Your Writing Approach

The last piece of the puzzle in learning how to write blogs faster is a willingness to continually review and revise your approach.

What worked for you a year ago may not be the most efficient method now, especially with the emergence of AI writing tools that can aid the outlining and drafting process.

Keep refining your process, learning new techniques, and adapting to the ever-changing blogging landscape.

Speed Blogging & SEO Content Writing: Closing Thoughts

Whether you're a seasoned blogger or just starting, learning how to write blog posts faster is a game-changer.

If you are trying to get a new domain off the ground with dozens of blog articles, momentum is everything.

Through advance planning, an efficient routine, SEO tactics, services like Freshly Squeezed SEO, and an open mind for improvement, you can drastically cut down your writing time.

The key to 'speed blogging' isn't just about churning out content quickly - it's about crafting quality blog posts in a more efficient manner.

With these techniques, you can create engaging, SEO-optimized content that will help your blog soar into the stratosphere. Now, go out there and start creating!

When it comes to outsourcing, Freshly Squeezed SEO is a fantastic option.

The service sends across target SEO keywords, delivers the content over 30 days via Google Docs, and offers the opportunity for unlimited revisions.

With this kind of support, you're equipped with the 'competitive edge' to catapult your blog articles higher up search engine results pages.

Now you are equipped with these insights, you're ready to take on the challenge of creating compelling, quick, and SEO-friendly blog content.


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Written By: Adam Crookes

Reviewed By: Adele Horwood

Fact-Checked By: Ben Crookes

Next Review Due June 31, 2024

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