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Niche Site Owners: Collect Emails From Day One (Here's Why)

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Drawing from my years in the digital marketing field, I've observed that irrespective of how well-established a niche site is, it is perpetually exposed to external factors that may shake its foundation.

With the rise of AI-powered search, these perils are only magnifying and becoming more existential.

I believe that incorporating email marketing into your niche site strategy is one way to mitigate the potential risks that lie ahead.

I'll offer my insights and experiences on the whys and hows of this.

Why should you trust my advice?

My name is Adam Crookes (Freshly Squeezed SEO) and I have recently propelled a niche site from ground zero to 189,000 monthly organic site visits in a little under three years.

The Danger Looming Over Niche Site Operators

I've observed numerous instances where alterations in search engine algorithms have unsettled niche site operators.

This is devastating for niche site operators who felt they were on the right track.

Now, feared algorithm modifications are only minor concerns.

In the not-so-distant future, the method by which search engines like Google meet a user’s search intent could shift entirely.

Let’s tackle the major concern here.

Google Bard is engineered to comprehend the context and semantics of search inquiries and provide users with instant answers to their queries.

Bard extracts from the enormous data pool available on Google’s search engine and boils it down into easily understandable (and highly valuable) responses for users.

No more scanning through search results.

In my view, such advancements underscore the unpredictability of depending solely on search engine traffic.

Search engines as we presently know them may undergo drastic transformations in the years or even months to come.

Predicting the trajectory of AI is no easy task.

I've consistently suggested diversifying digital tactics and embedding email marketing to sustain direct communication with audiences.

Your aim should be to own your audience.

Just as a creator operates on leased land when utilizing platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The objective should be to collect emails irrespective of what top-of-the-funnel strategy you intend to use.

Be it social media channels or SEO.

Initiating Email Collection From The Get-Go Is A No-Brainer

When I began gathering emails for my niche sites, I recognized the indispensable advantages of this data.

This approach provided me with a private channel to interact with my audience, immune from external elements like search engine algorithm updates.

Emails allowed me to cultivate a robust relationship with my audience.

I’m currently transitioning my email campaigns from Mailchimp to beehiiv.

While my experience with Mailchimp has been good, I’m thrilled about the prospective benefits of beehiiv and am keen to explore their native ad network.

I discovered that delivering custom content straight to their inbox fostered these relationships further.

Utilizing Lead Magnets To Gather Emails On My Niche Sites

One method that has invariably yielded results for me in expanding my email list is the utilization of lead magnets.

By providing valuable content at no cost, I've successfully persuaded my audience to divulge their contact details.

5 Potential Lead Magnet Ideas For Email Sign-Ups


When I provided guides or e-books pertinent to my niche, I attracted subscribers searching for in-depth information.

Free Courses/Webinars

By offering free courses or webinars, I managed to deliver actionable insights to my audience and establish myself as a trusted authority in my niche.


Whenever I proposed a discount on my products or services, I witnessed a rise in sign-ups.

Access To Exclusive Content

Reserved content for subscribers assisted me in retaining my email list and sustaining interest in my site.


Providing free, user-friendly tools or templates relevant to my niche proved an excellent incentive for visitors to disclose their contact details.

Email Is The Sole Thing You Truly Possess

Among all the digital marketing channels available, your email list is the sole asset you truly possess.

Social media accounts, like those cited above, are subject to the platform's regulations and algorithms.

In contrast, with an email list, you command the content, dispatch, and frequency of your communications.

This control has rendered email marketing a steady, dependable channel for reaching my audience directly.

Branching out into email marketing will undoubtedly confer an additional level of stability to your niche site’s business model.

I've discovered that initiating email collection early, effectively deploying lead magnets, and recognizing the worth of email as an owned medium significantly boosts the sustainability of a niche site, especially in light of AI developments like Google Bard.

What lies ahead is anybody's guess.

I’m committed to securing the future of my niche sites by diversifying my marketing and engagement initiatives.

If you're interested in learning more about SEO, I regularly share SEO tips and tricks on my Twitter.


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Written By: Adam Crookes

Reviewed By: Adele Horwood

Fact-Checked By: Ben Crookes

Next Review Due June 31, 2024

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From 0 to 189,000 Monthly Organic Website Visitors

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Adam Crookes

Adam Crookes is an SEO content writer with experience producing long-form blog content for founders and CMOs across a range of companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

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